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Early Birds

I need ammo cans, because my stockpiles of ammo are getting unweildy in loose 50-round boxes. I called the local army surplus place, but there was no answer. The owner passed away last year and the shop had been re-opened by his granddaughter, so I feared that perhaps she had been in over her head and closed the business. I drove out there to confirm, but found that they were merely closed on Mondays.

So I attempted to run my other errand, shipping something to family in Albania via the USPS, only to find that the post office was similarly closed, but for President’s Day.

So in an attempt to not write off the entire afternoon, I went to Walmart to get one of them Gerber EAB knives. I found it at the Sporting Goods counter for $9.95, and checked to see if the ammo shortages were still going strong:

Whitebread: So, are you folks still completely out of 9mm?

Nice Lady: No, actually, we got in some Blazer Brass this morning. I haven’t even put it out!

Whitebread: I didn’t even know you guys sold Blazer. There’s not a tag for it on the shelf!

Nice Lady: Haven’t needed to. *lifts box of Blazer boxes onto the counter* Someone usually comes along and buys them all up as fast as we can get them.

Whitebread: How many boxes do you have, and how much are they?

Nice Lady: Let’s see, we have (counting) fifteen boxes of 50, at 7.97 a box.

Whitebread: Hmm. Can I be a meanie, and buy you out?

Nice Lady: Sure. The guy who normally buys it all is gonna be pissed, though.

Whitebread: Early birds, and all.

Considering I had happily been paying $22/100 before the election, $16/100 is a steal. I bought 500 rounds at about $24/100 last week, but I couldn’t pass up more at this price. It’s not like it’s getting any cheaper or easier to find. This puts me at about 1700 rounds of 9mm range ammo, plus 600 +P hollowpoints, so I think I’m set on handgun ammo barring any more deals.

2 Responses to “Early Birds”

  1. BBB says:

    I found ammo cans at my local Army/Navy. Cans that used to be $5.00/ea anywhere you looked now are selling for $9-$11 !!! Grrrrrr…..

    I’m going to see if I can get a better price at a gun show sometime…

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