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The Reset Button

Yes, the old site is gone. No, my new site doesn’t have my real name on it. I’m looking into some career stuff, and the process could be damaged if a Google search led my potential employers to my blog. I’m not ashamed of anything I wrote at the old site, but just the fact that I was speaking publically on all kinds of issues and continue to do so could give my potentially skittish clients pause.

So here I am. In the next few days I’ll be emailing the few that I knew kept up with the old blog, but if you’re here and wondering who I am, I’m that guy who vanished about two weeks ago. Please refer to me as Whitebread.

The Name:

Whitebread can also refer to alleged blandness or plainness in a person. Its usage is similar to that of the term plain vanilla. In the DC comic book, Justice League International, the sarcastic Green Lantern Guy Gardner would often refer to his innocent, pure-hearted teammate Captain Marvel as ‘Captain Whitebread’.

I have no particular affection for comic books, but pdb recommended the name and it was better than anything I’d thought up.

One Response to “The Reset Button”

  1. if possible, I’d put up an all-restrict robots.txt file at the old address. It should keep people from rooting around in places like archive.org. If you need more help, come to my blog and find my email address.