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Ammo Shortages, Preparedness, and Long-gun Discretion

Today was my day off, so I did a little cleaning of the utility/preps room, and found that I was down to under 500 rounds of 9mm range ammo. A trip to Walmart was in order!


But they didn’t have any. Not just that they didn’t have any 9mm range ammunition, they didn’t have any 9mm *period*. The four 50-round boxes of .40 represented their entire stock of that caliber. I was told that since election day, any 9mm, .40, .45, .223, 7.62×39, buckshot, and slugs were in short supply. He said they’d get a shipment, then folks would show up the next morning and buy out their stock.

Worried that this indeed represented a serious nationwide shortage (I’d not shopped for ammo since before the election), I headed to a local place and found what I needed. 500 rounds of 9mm at $11.99 per box of 50, plus 200 rounds of Federal XM193 .223 for $9.49/20. Expensive, but I feel better about my ammo situation. I may plan to start buying a box of XM193 and a box of 9mm range ammo every week, sort of as a subscription to build up my stocks. I still have 600+ rounds left of nice defensive 9mm +P that I got for a song a year ago.

I also went to Sams and picked up tarps, duct tape, work gloves, cat litter, propane canisters (for emergency heaters), about two years’ worth of powdered laundry detergent, and lots more durable goods and staples to help minimize the effect of the inflation that I expect shortly. The nice thing about being practical in your preparedness is that you end up using the stuff you buy “just in case” whether an emergency strikes or not, so you’re just buying what you’re going to use, but you’re getting it cheaper because you bought it in bulk. What’s not to love?

My journalist wife commented that she heard on the police scanner about the police searching for a man seen with an assault-style rifle hidden under his coat near a local school. Turns out he was meeting someone in the lot to sell the rifle and was trying, but failing, to discretely transport it. Protip: A soft nylon gig bag for a guitar, like this one, is great for discretely transporting a long gun. I have one for my AR-15, and it works so well that I don’t even have a traditional case for the rifle yet.

Does anyone honestly think that it would take more than 48 hours following a school shooting with an “assault rifle” for the executive orders and legislation to start flying? Imagine that what you have and/or can buy in the next short time is all you get for four, eight, or twenty years. Prepare accordingly, and if the worst doesn’t come around, it’s not like the stuff goes bad. Nobody has ever wished they had less ammunition stored up, unless their house is on fire, I guess.

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  1. BBB says:

    As an upside: for the first time in a long time there is a decent amount of ammo being stored in peoples houses. Certainly all this surplus ammo that is being sold isn’t being shot. Me thinks people are planning on a rainy decade.

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