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Insert Witty Title of New Desk Post

Alan wanted pictures of my monitor setup. Here you go. Keep in mind that everything is still dusty and dirty from construction.

When we bought the house, we had a living room that had absolutely silly proportions. Way too long and skinny, and no real way to use all the space. We walled off about a third of it, replaced the carpet with tile in the dining room, kitchen, laundry room, and newly-made room, and moved our office in there.

I’d had a wooden platform in my old office on which I mounted my monitors. This worked great there but wouldn’t work in the new room, where my desk had me sitting with my back in a corner. Monoprice to the rescue! Their single-mount and dual-mount monitor stands are inexpensive, sturdy, and attractive. They also have pretty nice HDMI matrix switches and of course inexpensive cables. Don’t ever, ever pay what Wal-mart is asking for a cable without checking at Monoprice first.

I had two other problems: The tangle of cords needed to support a computer with four monitors was easy to hide under a three-foot-deep corner desk, but here it ended up in a giant mess. Also, the computer itself, with three case fans, a power supply fan, a CPU fan, and two GPU fans, was way too loud. I went to Office Max and bought a double lateral file that matched the rest of our office set. I assembled it normally except that I left the bottom out of the top shelf and reinforced the bottom of the bottom drawer, making essentially a cabinet with one giant drawer. I then cut matching holes on the drawer and the outside of the cabinet, added fan covers to the outside of the cabinet, attached cheap “silent” 120mm fans to the inside of the drawers, and connected those fans via a long cable to the motherboard, allowing me to control the speed (and thus noise level) of the fans via software.

The result is a neat cabinet that reduces the roar of the computer to a quiet hum while containing all the mess, including the network switch and power strip. If you do this, take care to match your intake and exhaust fans to cooperate with those of your PC case instead of working against them. All the sensors in the computer are reporting comfortable temperatures, and the air temperature hovers somewhere in the 80 F to 90 F range, uncomfortable for us but just fine for electronics.

Notice the paper already coming off the front of one of the legs. I would have returned it, but it was the only one they had and I couldn’t be bothered. You get what you pay for, I suppose.

Bredacat does not seem to mind.

One Response to “Insert Witty Title of New Desk Post”

  1. Phil says:

    Nice set-up and good tips.
    However, I once had to work on someones PC that also owned a cat.
    The cat hair gets into everything, including the PC. How, I don’t know, but it was in there.

    Just something you may want to keep an eye-out for.