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You Found What Works for You: Go Buy More Copies

You always hear as a new gun-toter that almost everybody ends up with a box full of holsters that didn’t work right for them.

What nobody ever tells you is that you may eventually find one that works so well that you can ditch almost everything else.

For three years now I’ve been carrying some Glock or another in a Comp-Tac MTAC holster. It’s held up just fine and conceals a baby Glock under a T-shirt, or my duty weapon under an untucked camp shirt. It’s so comfortable that I usually wear it right up until I get undressed for bed. For the first two years of ownership I wasn’t an Only One, so the holster was my constant companion.

About a year ago, I gritted my teeth and bought a second copy. I’d had beloved holsters fail on me before, and it always seems to happen right before a long trip where you really want your heater to be comfortable and well-concealed. It came in and was promptly put on the shelf for a rainy day.

Today I received duplicates of my magazine carrier and chemical weapon carrier. Over the years I’ve also ordered several sets of mounting hardware and mounting clips.

Nothing made by man lasts forever. If you know that something will eventually fail, and that you’ll replace it with an identical copy when it happens, why not go ahead and have your spare lined up now? This is the beginning of preparedness.

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