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Bunker for Sale

Commander Zero links a great youtube tour of a bunker originally built to protect telecom equipment during the cold war.

At $440,000, it could make a darn tempting group buy. I would be very interested in knowing if it was located in California or in one of the neighboring states. The description says five hours out of LA.

3 Responses to “Bunker for Sale”

  1. Linoge says:

    *sigh* Amazing how much a glorified hole in the ground can cost…

    Still want one :).

  2. Phil says:

    Before Cellular: Sprint Long Distance back in the 70′s built these to hold there switching centers, Central Office (CO). There is one just as you enter Akron, Ohio from the north, right on the edge of the city, but you’d never know it was there unless you drove around the hill on the left side of the road, one side was exposed to the outside, plus the whole thing leaked, not a lot, but it did leak.
    I wouldn’t want one even if I did have the money.

  3. Erik says:

    Wow. Very cool. Could make a great facility. Crazy to think about why they made this and its intentions. Scary!