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Take a look

Take a good hard look. What do you see?

I see an aggressor with a weapon.

What would be your immediate reaction to this situation? I hope that it would be to address the criminal with your own deadly force.

But then you’d go to jail, because that criminal is an off-duty cop, and in the state of Maryland, cops don’t have to worry about petty things like aggravated assault charges. Instead, when faced with documentation of unlawful use of force, they can charge the motorcyclist with a crime for videotaping one of their own in public.

Here’s the whole video. Skip to about 3:00 for the rage. I can imagine that at about 3:18 I’d be putting rounds into the man approaching me with a gun. Good thing for the Only One that the little people aren’t trusted with handguns in public.

4 Responses to “Take a look”

  1. I see a tough situation. There is an attacker coming at me with a weapon already drawn and I don’t have a safe backstop. I would have to bail to one side or other to get a backstop not full of traffic, then he would meet my sidearm.

    Everything about that picture screams car-jacking to me. This is why I am against plain-clothes traffic enforcement, the road is not the environment for anything but very clearly designated cops. I can yell “Police!!!” but that doesn’t make me a LEO.

    I won’t even start in about the drawn weapon, that stupidity is self-explanatory.

  2. Caleb says:

    I like the totally tactical tea-cup grip. Who is teaching these cops how to shoot?

  3. Windy Wilson says:

    He’s obviously seen too many movies where the good guy jumps out of his car and continues the chase with the aid of an upstanding patriotic bystander.
    Besides, if he’d been the bad guy he’d hold the gun with only one hand and sideways.
    So, what’s going on here, anyway? A threat of Deadly Force for videotaping?

  4. Jack92476 says:

    How do I get to the video? I can’t find the link. Maybe I’m just overlooking it?