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It could be worse.

Washington Post: Staff Find White House in Technological Dark Ages

Obama’s team is complaining, among other things, that they can’t access Facebook to “keep in touch with supporters”.

My understanding is that the campaign ended in November. Shouldn’t the White House be doing its job instead of taking quizes and exchanging SuperPokes?

They’re also whining that there aren’t many laptops, some software is out of date, and nobody told them how to add subtitles to videos on the website.

That’s all unfortunate and something that should be looked at, but one should keep in mind that George W. Bush’s staff arrived to find that Clinton staff had popped W keys off of keyboards, filled cabinets with glue, and planted pornography inside reams of paper to appear later in multi-page reports.

So stop whining and do your jobs.

One Response to “It could be worse.”

  1. David says:

    Actually none of the things you claim the Clinton Administration did ever happened.