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Nice Cans!



I’ve never been very good about organizing my gun stuff. When I was fresh out of college and just getting into shooting, and owned only a humble Glock and Mossberg, this wasn’t a problem. All of my holsters, ammo, and accessories would fit in a shoebox in my apartment.

As the years have passed and I’ve moved into a townhome, then a house, my pile of “gun stuff” has grown to take over the floor of a double-width closet in my home. As I’ve been stockpiling ammunition, the gun stuff situation has gone from unruly to completely unmanageable.

Last Saturday I went down to the local surplus place. When I asked the kid at the counter if they had any ammo cans, he produced what he said was his only one. I opened it up and found a half-inch of used motor oil in the bottom. At least it won’t be rusted on the bottom. I paid him a discounted price of $3. He told me that there was another place about 40 minutes north where he gets most of his stuff, and they might have some.

Off I went into the rain, and eventually found the place. The kid at the shop in my town said this place was a mess, and he wasn’t kidding. The building had a space between the door and the counter about the size of a desk where one might stand and do business with the owner. To the left and right of the counter were pathways into wings of the building the size of double-wide trailers that were filled to overflowing with old army clothing, bags, and tents. I asked the owner if he had any of those old army deployment duffel bags, and he said “yeah, they’re around here somewhere, you’ll have to dig.” I dug for about ten minutes in various piles, and found only two that were missing their eyelets and torn in places. Pass. How do you make a living when all your inventory is in one big pile, and nobody can ever find anything?

All his ammo cans were out front. In a big pile. In the rain. Had he moved them 18 inches toward the building, they would have been under the overhang and bone dry. I went through the pile and bought his nicest 15 for $5 each.

I got them home, put on some tunes, and went to work drying them off and cleaning the dust from the inside. A little orange duct tape and a sharpie marker makes the cans very easy to identify.


It’s not an efficent use of the shelving, but it’ll do until I can get to Home Depot and get lumber for sturdy permanent shelving in the room.

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